Since its Establishment in 1988, Tzah has been a symbol of quality and leadership in the Israeli Flexo printing industry. A member of the Tambour Group, Israel’s leading paint company for over 80 years, we offer our customers the most advanced printing ink solutions available today, accompanied by dedicated professional in-house support. The company produces and distributes both off-the-shelf and custom-tailored Printing Inks, Varnishes, Ink Auxiliaries Lacquers and Primers, while adhering to the strictest regulations and implementing the highest of international standards. As part of the start-up nation, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most advanced technological solutions alongside a can-do attitude – and invite you to experience our excellence first hand.

The Tzah Advantage

  • Shade Accuracy

    Our advanced production systems and qualified personal provide our customers with the highest tone accuracy and repeatability.

  • Water Based Inks

    Discover our advanced, eco-friendly water-based solutions for a multitude of applications.

  • Printability

    Maintaining the highest quality on the longest of print runs, our solutions provides superior printability.

  • Tailormade Solutions

    We pride ourselves in our ability to customize solutions for every temperature, humidity, printing material and viscosity.

Tzah HydroFlex Universal System

Our water-based inks, developed and optimized for high quality Flexographic printing. ECO friendly and printable on a wide range of substrates:

  • Regular & hi-gloss ink for Paper and card board applications:
    • Corrugated carton
    • Paper
    • Recycled paper products
    • Cups
    • Napkins
  • Cutting-edge special ink for Plastic film applications - with/out lamination:
    • PE
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • PVC

Technical documents:

Tzah SolventFlex Universal System

Our Solvent Based inks, developed and optimized for high quality Flexographic printing on a wide range of substrates:

  • Plastic films - with/no lamination
    • PE
    • PET
    • BOPP
    • PVC
  • Foil
  • Paper

Technical documents:

Tzah Flexible Universal System

Need a tailor-made solution? Want to buy separate components? Our Flexible Universal System provides you with the utmost flexibility in both water-based and solvent-based solutions, allowing:

  • Maximal flexibility & efficiency
  • Comprehensive tailor-made solutions
  • Maximal cost effectiency

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